About Us

Just Us is a publication created by Justice Action that is distributed nationwide to 50,000 Australian citizens detained in prisons and hospitals. Our history is one of a successful struggle to retain political and community rights for the most excluded individuals in society. It aims to promote social inclusion and ensure all members of society feel involved in the creation of public policy and the law. 

Prisoners and patients who are enrolled and eligible to vote should all have the right to fully participate in the electoral process and be informed about policies, campaigns and elections. Just Us aims to educate prisoners and patients of their rights to vote and provide statements of policy positions from political parties and independents. These statements are targeted towards prisoners to enhance their political awareness and empower them to make a difference. 

Just Us believes in ensuring every prisoner has this opportunity. It is protected under the constitutional right to engage in political communication not limited to election periods. The publication is the only one of its kind being distributed to prisons, forensic hospitals, judges, magistrates and Members of Parliament all over Australia.
Prior to the Just Us publications, 47 editions of the newspaper Framed were distributed nationally in public libraries and to individual prisoners. We have a long history in providing valuable resources to a vulnerable population and empowering them to engage with their constitutional rights of political engagement; imprisoned or not.